Noble Manhattan Coaching is delighted to be able to bring you completely free of charge five exceptional reports from the world of coaching. 

As one of the longest established coach training companies in the world, currently trading in 26 countries Noble Manhattan have an avid desire and commitment to consistently raise the standards of coaching throughout the world. 

To that end we bring to you FIVE incredibly in-depth reports on different aspects of the world of coaching – all FREE of charge. 

Fantastic life changing material available completely free of charge! We at Noble Manhattan want to help everyone to be “the best that they can be” so we are bending over backwards to equip you with this invaluable knowledge of professional life and corporate coaching which will enhance your life – it may even change it forever!. So journey with us into the past and watch the seed of coaching be planted, be inspired by those who planted it and be awestruck as you watch it grow and see it flourish into the form of life coaching that we know today. 

They are: book-series

A Definition of Coaching definition-coaching

You will come to a clear understanding of exactly what coaching is

You will learn how coaching empowers

How it releases the creativity within people

How you can create a career that is both productive and ethical

How coaching helps to clarify your thought processes

You will learn about coaching as a profession

The difference between life coaching and business coaching

The different governing bodies controlling coaching around the world

You will begin to understand who has coaching and for what reasons

You will learn how coaching is being employed in educational institutions, in public bodies,
in health and fitness organizations and many more

You will discover the key elements of coaching and how you can use these to change
your life

You will gain a clear understanding of the main benefits of coaching

You will understand how the concept of confidentiality played a huge part in the coach
client relationship

You will discover how coaching moves people from thought to commitment to action

You will get a clear understanding of how a coaching session actually works

You will look at the many areas that commonly get addressed by coaches

You will take an in-depth look at the coaches Toolkit, their mental attitude and skills

You will begin to understand who the clients are and where they come from

You will read all about boundaries and how they live in a world of coaching

You will experience for yourself how clients achieve lasting internal change

You will gain an insight into cognitive behavioral change and how it fits in coaching


The Past, Present and Future of Coaching as a Profession ppf-coaching-profession

You will begin to grasp where coaching has come from, and how it has sprung from many roots

You will learn how a quest for change has been the catalyst for growth

You will learn how coaching is rooted in behavioral models and what they are

You will understand how coaching is linked to the fulfillment of human potential

You will learn how coaching can heal anger and depression

You will get access to tools to help you in areas such as -

Subjective Happiness Scale 

Personal Growth Initiative Scale 

Inspiration Scale 

Gratitude Questionnaire 

Satisfaction with Life Scale

You will see how coaching fits perfectly in the world today

You will understand how coaching can be used to achieve happiness

You will learn in greater depth the difference between coaching and -


Transactional Analysis 



Transactional Analysis 


Neuro Linguistic Programming 


You will learn about the phenomenon and called " luck school"

You will look in great depth at what coaching really is

You will gain a clear vision on exactly how coaching works

You will explore the coach client relationship, and understand what happens in the 
different sessions

You will be taken through the building blocks of coaching

You will learn about the different levels of listening, and how to achieve them

You will gain an understanding of the real deep power of questioning

You will become familiar with the six different types of power question

and the word we never use !!!!!!!!!

You will gain an understanding of how to build deep and lasting rapport

You will learn how coaching changes limiting beliefs

You will be introduced to a powerful coaching model and learn how to use it


Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): How NLP Impacts on Coaching  nlp-book

Understand exactly what neural linguistic programming is

Explore the relationship between NLP and coaching

Discover how coaching is dramatically enhanced by NLP

Become fascinated by the power the behind NLP

Learn how results become accelerated through NLP techniques

Explore how NLP adds a new dimension to coaching

Learn how to deploy NLP within a coaching environment

Understand how using NLP you can approach a coaching situation from a different perspective

Understand how to accelerate the results of your clients achieve

Become familiar with the playful side of NLP

Learn how to develop a frame of mind that is constantly curious

Understand the NLP is all about results results results and more results

Become familiar with the way is NLP helps you overcome blocks

Learn what the leaders say about NLP

Read stories and understand how they have a lasting impact

Gain an insight in how to use NLP to change emotional states

Learn what presuppositions are

Become familiar with ” presuppositions” and how to use them effectively

Looked deeply into the origins of NLP

Gain a deeper understanding of the differences between

Neurology – the mind and how we think

Linguistics – how we use language and how it affects us 

Programming – how we sequence our actions to achieve our goals 

Understand the theory of Pragmatism and how it fits in with NLP

Learn the constructivist argument and how we create our own matter of reality

Explore how our culture and education shape us

Understand how the three personalities within transactional analysis fit with NLP

Learn about the TOTE model

Become familiar with the fact that NLP is also is a cybernetic model

Learn how NLP uses our senses to experience the world

Become familiar with the cornerstones of coaching

Learn about the Co-Active coaching model

Explore other coaching models

Learn about skills that are essential such as questioning, listening, being curious, intuition

Understand how managing yourself is crucial to your success

Learn how to manage your own state

Understand the skills needed to enhance rapport with a client


Coaching in the Workplace coaching-workplace

Understand the difference between personal coaching, executive coaching and corporate coaching

Learn about the huge return on investment coaching brings to companies

See which companies around the world are now embracing coaching

Read about how senior executives are transforming their business through coaching

Learn about the issues and barriers to providing high quality coaching in the workplace

Understand what is needed in order to maximize the effectiveness of workplace coaching

Understand the many problems inherent in defining coaching in the workplace

Become familiar with the difference between coaching and facilitation

Read how coaching increases the learning of individuals within companies

Explore the spectrum of skills available to companies through experienced executive coaches

Gain a deep insight into the difference between helping someone solve their own issues, and providing solutions

Look in depth at the coaching arena

Understand the pros and cons of using internal coaches

Look at how external coaches dramatically impact the performance of a management team

Learn the differences between one to one executive coaching and group coaching

Explore deeply how context dramatically affects the coaching process

Look at how coaching addresses issues of poor performance

Learn how workplace coaching is of great benefit during appraisals and assessments

Explore how team building is massively enhanced using corporate coaching

Understand how coaching dramatically helps to progress projects

Learn which trigger factors are responsible for bringing coaching into prominence in the workplace

Understand the power of coaching when it comes to learning and retention of information

Explore the use of coaching within the SME marketplace

Learn how coaching is transforming board rooms today

Where coaching is concerned learn

What’s in it for business organizations?

What’s in it for employees? 

What’s in it for team leaders / managers? 

Look at the results of studies carried out on the effectiveness of coaching in the workplace 

Quality of output improved to 99% 

On-time delivery to 95% 

Lead times reduced by 50% 

Learn about the issues, barriers and pitfalls of executive coaching

Understand the perception of coaching from the clients point of view

Explore the pros and cons of ” line manager as coach”

Look at what Tesco are doing

Criteria to consider when developing successful corporate coaching programs


The History, Present and Future of Coaching phf-coaching

Understand who seeks a coach

Read about the chronology of coaching from its very inception

Get answers to the question ” who should do coaching?”

Look in depth at what coaching really is

Read many definitions of coaching

Explore the origins of coaching and who the early coaches were

Read about Thomas Leonard the father of coaching as we know it today

Look at what drives people to enter the coaching profession

Explore the comparisons between coaching and other professions

Gain an insight into the difference between coaching, counselling and therapy

Get an answer to the question why is coaching different from mentoring?

Learn how coaching can be a powerful and personal aid to organizational change

Look in depth at the difference between directional and non directional coaching

Learn how a client can discover their own solutions through the power of questioning

Look at the different forms of coaching such as, career coaching, transition coaching, health coaching, parenting coaching, etc

Explore the essential coaching skills that all great coaches must have

Read about the dangers inherent in providing a solution to clients

Understand how intuition can be a coaches most powerful tool

Look in depth at the many benefits of coaching

Learn how coaching can be a means of rewarding and retaining staff

Gain an insight into a professional coaches toolbox

Look at the wheel of life and how it impacts us all

Look at the coaching G R O W model

Learn how great coaches can expand the focus of their clients

Read about Tim Galway’s “inner game of tennis” special coaching model

Look at where coaching is presently in the world

Look at the figures, how many individuals and companies throughout the world are currently using coaching

Explore the different approaches to coaching worldwide

Understand why in life we act and feel based on our perception of the world rather than the real world

Learn about regulation and accreditation in the world today

Explore who the main governing bodies are

Learn about the differences in terms of quality when it comes to training coaches

Explore the differences between workplace coaching, executive coaching, corporate coaching and business coaching

Look at where coaching is going in the future