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    A Definition of Coaching.

    • You will come to a clear understanding of exactly what coaching is
    • You will learn how coaching empowers
    • How it releases the creativity within people
    • How you can create a career that is both productive and ethical
    • How coaching helps to clarify your thought processes
    • You will learn about coaching as a profession
    • The difference between life coaching and business coaching
    • The different governing bodies controlling coaching around the world
    • You will begin to understand who has coaching and for what reasons
    • You will learn how coaching is being employed in educational institutions, in public bodies, in health and fitness organizations a nd many more
    • You will discover the key elements of coaching and how you can use these to change your life
    • You will gain a clear understanding of the main benefits of coaching
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  • coaching-reports

    The past, present and future of coaching as a profession.

    • You will begin to grasp where coaching has come from, and how it has sprung from many roots
    • You will learn how a quest for change has been the catalyst for growth
    • You will learn how coaching is rooted in behavioral models and what they are
    • You will understand how coaching is linked to the fulfillment of human potential
    • You will learn how coaching can heal anger and depression
    • You will get access to tools to help you in areas such as -
      • Subjective Happiness Scale
      • Personal Growth Initiative Scale
      • Inspiration Scale
      • Gratitude Questionnaire
      • Satisfaction with Life Scale
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    Coaching and neuro linguistic programming (nlp): how nlp impacts on coaching.

    • Understand exactly what neural linguistic programming is
    • Explore the relationship between NLP and coaching
    • Discover how coaching is dramatically enhanced by NLP
    • Become fascinated by the power the behind NLP
    • Learn how results become accelerated through NLP techniques
    • Explore how NLP adds a new dimension to coaching
    • Learn how to deploy NLP within a coaching environment
    • Understand how using NLP you can approach a coaching situation from a different perspective
    • Understand how to accelerate the results of your clients achieve
    • Become familiar with the playful side of NLP
    • Learn how to develop a frame of mind that is constantly curious
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    Coaching in the workplace.

    • Understand the difference between personal coaching, executive coaching and corporate coaching
    • Learn about the huge return on investment coaching brings to companies
    • See which companies around the world are now embracing coaching
    • Read about how senior executives are transforming their business through coaching
    • Learn about the issues and barriers to providing high quality coaching in the workplace
    • Understand what is needed in order to maximize the effectiveness of workplace coaching
    • Understand the many problems inherent in defining coaching in the workplace
    • Become familiar with the difference between coaching and facilitation
    • Read how coaching increases the learning of individuals within companies
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    The History, Present and Future of Coaching.

    • Understand who seeks a coach
    • Read about the chronology of coaching from its very inception
    • Get answers to the question ” who should do coaching?”
    • Look in depth at what coaching really is
    • Read many definitions of coaching
    • Explore the origins of coaching and who the early coaches were
    • Read about Thomas Leonard the father of coaching as we know it today
    • Look at what drives people to enter the coaching profession
    • Gain an insight into the difference between coaching, counselling and therapy
    • Get an answer to the question why is coaching different from mentoring?
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